Cattle (Cow/Calf) near ,

Owned by Caleb

Looking for a pasture to put about 10 cow/calf pairs for the summer grazing season. Would be willing to rotational gr…

Cattle (Cow/Calf) near Viola, KS

Owned by Dan

Looking for additional grazing land . Trying to expand operation. Also expand number of pastures for rotational graz…

Cattle (Cow/Calf) near Westmoreland, KS

Owned by Steve

We are looking for pasture for 40 pairs of spring calving cows. We practice rotational grazing in most of our pastu…

Cattle (Cow/Calf) near Manhattan, KS

Owned by Austin

I am looking for corn stocks or cover crops to graze for cow/ calf operation.

Mixed Pasture near Enterprise, KS

Owned by Amanda

The grazing land available is split into two sections with different characteristics in both. One existing pasture…

Mixed or Other Land near Garden City, KS

Owned by Jon

I am a small grains and row crop farmer on journey to improve the quality of the land I farm. I've been integratin…

Sheep near Minneapolis, KS

Owned by Tyrel

Currently using electric net fencing movie every one to two days. Can graze any ground regardless of no fence or wate…

Cattle (Stockers) near Levant, KS

Owned by Reuben

I run custom cattle in a feed lot. I would love to graze cattle on covers to integrate livestock into rebuilding soil…

Cattle (Cow/Calf) near Woodston, KS

Owned by Jake

I am looking for milo or corn stalks in the fall willing to install electric fence and haul water if needed. Also any…