Mixed or Other Land near Garden City, KS


Owned by Jon

I am a small grains and row crop farmer on journey to improve the quality of the land I farm. I've been integrating cover crops into my rotation for several years now and would like to begin integrating livestock grazing onto the land. To be honest, I don't have any experience with animal grazing nor any fencing. I am willing to learn and partner with someone with cattle to generate a profitable opportunity for both parties. I would like the animals to be moved through different paddocks that I am willing to manage on a regular basis (ie moves every few days depending on consumption rate). I don't have ponds or permanent water sources (ie windmill or small water wells), but would be willing to haul water. I have multiple pivot irrigated fields and can work with a cattleman to determine when the best grazing opportunity would be for both parties and am willing to plant a cover crop that would add benefit to the grazing opportunity. I have one field that I have been planting to cover crops after wheat harvest. Depending on the mix I plant, this could be good for grazing in late summer or fall. Feel free to reach out to me if you think we can work together and both benefit from a grazing scenario. If I don't answer my phone, please leave a voicemail. Thank you!

Number of Acres: 120

Existing fence: No

Water available: Yes

Herbicide history available: Yes

Certified Organic: No

On site livestock care availalbe: No


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