Mixed Pasture near Enterprise, KS


Owned by Amanda

The grazing land available is split into two sections with different characteristics in both. One existing pasture area is roughly 20 acres that is fenced with high tinsel electric fencing. The fence was put in about 10 years ago and has been sitting since then unutilized so it needs some work to get operating again. About half of that acreage is wooded so it has reduced forage and grass potential. The wooded area is primarily native oaks and hackberry. However, there is also some honey locust that is encroaching on the open grass spaces. This would be an excellent pasture area for goats or sheep that do better with woody material. A lot of brome grass in this section. One source of well water is currently available on this area.

The second pasture area - potential for 60-70 acres - is currently not fenced. We have plans for fence construction in the next 6 months, but this could be expedited if we had interest from a livestock owner that was also able to support fence building. This area has also been ungrazed for nearly 10 years and is in desperate need of grazing. About 20 acres of established warm season native grasses that have been cut for hay the past 5 years. Remaining 40-50 acres are native prairie grass with gentle slopes that have not been cut. Therefore, some occasional honeylocust, osage orange, and cedar have popped up. This area would have more forage potential for cattle, sheep, or goats. Currently there is no water access on this area, however, we hope to install another well when the fence is put in.

The land is owned by my father who resides on the property. I am currently making plans for management but do not live on the land and am not able to provide livestock management. We would prefer for all animals to be managed by you in a rotational grazing system with paddocks set up for regular rotations. However, we would love to talk with anyone that is interested in utilizing our available pasture. The land desperately needs grazing to control the influx of invasive trees. We would love to put together a lease that is mutually beneficial and are really open to all offers.

Number of Acres: 80

Existing fence: Yes

Water available: Yes

Herbicide history available: No

Certified Organic: No

On site livestock care availalbe: No


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